Is God's Voice Clear About Your Future?
Are You Called To Ministry?
The Evangelical Christian Church in Canada (Christian Disciples) believes that YOU can live out your purpose in life - NOW! It is our most fundamental belief that God wants you to LIVE the desires of your heart, and He wants you to discover the things that are most important to you and Him. He wants you to have an abundant life and become, in every sense of the term, a Spirit-Led Success with a powerful capacity to Love greater. Serve better, and Glorify Him in every choice you make, and every action you take now.

Here is what the ECC has to offer to those in ministry.....

The Evangelical Christian Church in Canada (Christian Disciples) offers YOU a Christian fellowship of like-minded ministers who are not subject to man-made rules and regulations but in a covenantal relationship that is in Christ as Disciples of Christ.
We offer YOU security and freedom to preach under an umbrella of accountability between GOD AND MAN.
We offer YOU a family and a community of Christian men and women who desire to support each other.
We offer YOU ministry credentials to those who are in established churches and ministries or those who are planning new churches, ministry or a house-church with an emphasis on disciple-making. 
We offer YOU training and practical church resources to help You make your ministry successful.
We offer YOU ministry networking with others in your area of expertise because we know how hard it is to get your church or ministry off the ground with lasting results.
We also offer YOU a ministry where all ministers have the freedom of religious belief and private scriptural interpretation to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ without divisive, man-made rules and regulations that are based on personal opinions or worldly influences.
We offered university and college education, and biblical standards for clergy both licensed and ordained. We hold our clergy accountable, both biblically and ethically by a loving leadership who will give oversight to those who are looking for a more dynamic ministry under a secure spiritual covering. We are an established Canadian historic Church Body of clergy, churches and ministries that have a long history of exciting experiences and testimonies (like you) along the way to an exciting future as ministers of the gospel.
Interested in Becoming an Ordained Minister? Let's Talk About How We Can Help Find Your Purpose in Life.
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